Accelerate your business growth

In partnership with our trusted merchants and technology providers, we can customise our unique payment solutions to deliver improved value to your business and customers.

We also extend this capability to professional associations and large organisations across a broad range of industries to offer their members and customers more rewarding payment solutions.

Who we work with

Technology Partners

Industry partnerships for acquiring, technical, and business administration
  • Connect your platform with Mint's payment orchestration to enhance pay-in and pay-out capabilities
  • Employ banking-grade security for all C2B & B2B payments
  • Diversify your income streams with opportunity for revenue share agreements
Our Technology Partners
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Corporate Partners

Group partnerships, referral partners and bespoke technology
  • Deploy in-store or online payment solutions to multi-site or franchise networks with visibility over all transactions
  • Additional revenue opportunity through referral & commission structures
  • Reduce admin & reconciliation overhead with direct integration with the Mint Payments platform
Our Corporate Partners
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