Global Payments Simplified

Make payment in 20 supported currencies

Advance your business with global, realtime B2B payments where you're in control. Mint's Virtual Cards offer significant cost savings, increased efficiency, and greater security with chargeback protection.

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Transforming international payments
Global Acceptance
Payments to suppliers are processed through the existing global Visa network
$0 Cross-border fees
Mint Virtual Cards are treated as locally-issued cards, eliminating international transaction fees.
Chargeback Protection
Ensure you can reclaim your business’ funds if goods or services are not supplied.

Reduce fraud & simplify expense management

Card creation tools
Take control of your payments with the ability to set usage parameters at the time of card creation.
Easy reconciliation
Identify each transaction with a unique card number & include booking references as enhanced data fields for easy reconciliation
Make payment in any of 20 currencies
Load your virtual card(s) with any of 20 supported currencies to make payment with no FX fluctuation risk.

Understanding Virtual Cards

Generate single or multi-use Visa cards on demand, with the ability to manage cards manually or integrate into your booking & payments systems.

Traveller makes a booking
Via a website or travel agent. E.g. hotels, car rentals, tour packages.
Virtual card created
The agent generates a virtual card to pay the supplier, with defined usage limits set.
Supplier Requests Payment
The card details are entered into the supplier’s standard card payments system and processed through the card payment network.
Payment evaluated
The payment is checked against the usage limits & fraud detection rules of the card.
Funds released
The authorised funds are released and sent to the supplier
Payment confirmation
Notification is received on the Mint platform
Transaction completed
The agent provides booking details to the traveller
“   We could not be happier with Mint. They are always responsive and helpful if I am having a problem, taking the time to work through and solve my issues. It makes my life so much easier. My clients also love how much easier our payments process is with Mint.  ”
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Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? You're not alone. Below you'll find some of the most commonly asked questions about Mint's Virtual Cards.

For step by step guides on how to use the platform and answers to technical questions, check out our Knowledge Base. Otherwise, get in touch with our team to chat about Virtual Cards for your business.

What is a Virtual Card?
A virtual card is a digitally issued debit or credit card that can be used to make payments online. Mint Virtual Cards are generated on the same card networks and have the same functionality as normal plastic cards (16 digit number, expiry date, CVV), they also have additional benefits that increase security & efficiency of B2B payments, including the ability to customise usage parameters, amounts, currency and more.
Can I manage who can create and use Mint Virtual Cards?
Mint’s Virtual Card management platform allows you define the roles of your users. You can define who in your business can load funds into your account, create cards, and who can use cards.
How long does it take to create Mint Virtual Cards?
It takes less than a minute to set up a new Virtual Card, or you can generate them instantly with a direct API connection to your booking system. As long as you have funds in your account, you can use these cards instantly.

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