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Perfect for businesses that require a powerful device that integrates into their Point of Sale software.

With flexibility to take payments at the counter or around your store or restaurant, you can transact where your customers are to ensure a seamless customer experience as well as easy admin.
670+ POS Software Integrations
Powered by Linkly.
Fast settlement times
Same or next day settement available.
Advanced transaction routing
Supporting least cost routing & dynamic currency conversion.

Additional Features

  • Accepts Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, JCB, Diners, UnionPay, & Eftpos
  • Accepts digital wallets - Apple Pay, Google Pay & Samsung Pay
  • Supports BNPL by Afterpay & Zip
  • Same or next-day settlement options
  • 3.5" colour touch screen, built in printer & long lasting battery
  • Wifi and 4G connectivity with technical fallback capability (magstripe when contactless/chip declined)
  • Least cost routing
  • Supports surcharging, refunds, tipping & cash out
  • MOTO compatible
  • Net & gross settlement options available
  • PCI DSS compliant
  • Supports over 670 POS integrations via Linkly
Move5000 integrates with over 670+ POS Solutions

Empower your business with Point of Sale integration

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